CIM Advanced Studies


CIM Advanced Studies (CIM AS) is a new project of the Centre for International Initiatives. Its main goal is to bring closer to our readers the most recent scientific papers published abroad.

Texts published under CIM AS in the form of short “critical reviews” are to introduce the Polish reader with the newest scientific papers and various reports published abroad. Project participants wish to, at least partially, fill the existing gap in the field of in-depth cogitation about the most recent trends, ideas and research results conducted outside Poland.

The new initiative is not only about simple reviewing of ideas or data comprised in selected texts, but mainly to make their critical assessment in the context of previously gathered knowledge in a given field.

What makes CIM AS so different from other reviews which can be found on the Internet?

Above all, it is the orientation on the newest research in the field of widely understood international relations, in-depth theoretical cogitation, as well as interesting style of our experts, who will subject to critical assessment, in exquisite manner, everything what is worth-noting in contemporary world.

Through the realization of this task, the team of CIM Advanced Studies carries out the mission of the Association, which is to popularize in Poland issues connected to international relations.

The project is coordinated by Kamil Mazurek (editor-in-chief of CII Analyses).



January 2015: Anita Sęk, "Nie ma wiedzy bez networkingu - czyli rzecz o potędze kontaktów"

Based on: Merje Kuus: Geopolitics and Expertise. Knowledge and Authority in European Diplomacy
Wiley Blackwell, 2014

July 2014: Marta Makowska, "Czy Parlament Europejski ma znaczenie?"

Based on: Simon Hix: Why the 2014 European Elections Matter: Ten Key Votes in the 2009–2013 European Parliament Swedish Institute for International Studies, European Policy Analysis, Issue 2013:15

December 2013: Anita Sęk, "Honor w stosunkach międzynarodowych: Rosja i Zachód"

Based on: Andrei P. Tsygankov: Russia and the West from Alexander to Putin. Honor in International Relations Cambridge University Press 2012

November 2013: Tomasz Pawłuszko, "Biurokratyczna polityka zagraniczna?"

Based on: JS. Lobell, N. Ripsman, J.Taliaferro: Neoclassical Realism, The State, and Foreign Policy
Cambridge University Press 2009

September 2013: Anita Sęk, "Od teorii do post-lizbońskiej praktyki: analiza i doradztwo polityczne"

Based on: J. A. Koops: From Theory to Post-Lisbon Practice: Policy Analysis and Policy Advice. Case study: The Arab Spring and the EU`s Approach to the Maghreb
Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel 2012/2013

August 2013: Łukasz Smalec, "Koniec amerykańskiej dominacji?"

Based on: R. Kagan: Not Fade Away: Against the Myth of American Decline, 17 January 2012

July 2013: Tomasz Pawłuszko, "Po co nam teoria stosunków międzynarodowych?"

Based on: J. Mearsheimer, S. Walt: Leaving Theory Behind: Why Hypothesis Testing Has Become Bad for IR
Harvard Kennedy School, Faculty Research Working Paper Series, January 2013

June 2013: Marta Makowska, "Unia na straży demokracji"

Based on: Jan-Werner Müller: Selfguarding democracy inside the EU. Brussels and the future of Liberal Order
Transatlantic Academy Paper Series, February 2013, No 3

April 2013: Tomasz Pawłuszko, "Zmiana Systemu Międzynarodowego"

Based on: E. Ringmar: Performing International Systems: Two East-Asian Alternatives to the Westphalian Order “International Organization”, Winter 2012, vol.66, no.1, p.1-16

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