The Eastern Partnership: New Perspectives for a New Europe

przód(…) In this publication, eight academically researched and analytically studied articles touching upon various angles of the EU and its Eastern Partnership are presented: the evolution and necessity of this cooperation; the EU individual approaches and challenges remaining within the EaP; diverse perceptions of the EaP among the EU member countries and its Eastern partners, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine; gender balance, energy security issues and offspring of the EaP; continuing conflicts in the South Caucasus and its repercussions on the Eastern Partnership.
The publication “The Eastern Partnership: New Perspectives for a New Europe” presents personal views from young professionals in Europe and underscores the fact that civil society is keeping the track of events concerning the EaP. It is time for young people to make changes we believe in for our society and prosperity of our nations. It took us a long way to spread our ideas in broader horizons and we all worked enthusiastically in our project to have a say. Most of us have never talked one-on-one in real life and gave a start to this process through social networking tools – e-mails, Facebook, Skype and web-sites. All articles written by respective authors represent their personal views and approaches rather than YEaP’s collective account.

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  • The Evolution of the Eastern Neighbourhood Policy of the European Union. 15 /Zsuzsanna Végh
  • Eastern Policy of the European Union ‘in statu nascendi’? Positions of Germany and Poland towards the “Eastern Partnership” programme. 33 /Anita Sęk
  • The Eastern Partnership Towards Ukraine: Utopia or a Chance?. 49/Katarzyna Wróbel
  • Georgia and the Eastern Partnership: Perceptions and Viewpoint from Tbilisi 65 /David Rinnert
  • Is the Eastern Partnership a Step Forward in EU-Azerbaijan Relations?. 85 /Joan Manuel Lanfranco Pari
  • Gender Equality: Myth or Reality in the Post-Soviet Countries?. 105 /Lesia Parno
  • The Role of the Eastern Partnership in EU’s Energy Security Policy. 121 /Johannes Langer
  • Frozen Peace Talks in the South Caucasus and Integration into the EU Projects 137 /Orkhan Ali

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