NATO in the 21st century: review of the main actors positions

NATO_okladka_06 03 2016_przódWe are pleased to present the latest publication by CII experts:  The Transatlantic Partnership in the 21st century. The position of the main actors.

From the summary:

(…) “NATO Back to the Roots”, ie collective defense, seems to be a foregone conclusion. The direction of adaptation of the Alliance to new challenges chosen in Newport is beneficial from the point of view of the eastern flank countries. This monograph is an attempt to review the positions of the main actors in the security dimension in the North Atlantic area: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Russia and the European Union in relation to the current role and future importance of the concept of the transatlantic partnership in their foreign and security policy. An important part of the book are scenarios of possible actions of the main actors in reference to the role of the transatlantic partnership in the future. The study is divided into eight chapters (…) The findings drawn by the authors lead to the conclusion that more powerful NATO members less vulnerable to direct conflict (USA, France, United Kingdom) see the role of the Alliance differently than weaker members who are in a more difficult situation (Poland, Turkey). States from the first group treat NATO as a platform for the implementation of their ambitions, while weaker states: Poland and Turkey, perceive the Alliance’s support for tackling the security challenges.


Introduction (Łukasz Smalec, PhD)

1. NATO and the Transatlantic Partnership in the Security Policy of the United States (Łukasz Smalec, PhD)

2. United Kingdom: Pillar of European Security or American Anchor in Europe? (Grzegorz Gogowski, MA)

3. Dilemmas of the French Security Policy: Full Sovereignty, Developing NATO or Building the European Defense? (Barbara Marcinkowska, MA)

4. Germany in NATO – between Atlanticism, Europeanism and Passivity (Rafał Smentek, MA)

5. Turkey in NATO – Pragmatism and Sense. Perspectives of Futher Activity in the Organisation (Marta Makowska, MA)

6. The Leader of the Central and Eastern Europe? Poland and Its Priorities towards the Change of Security Structure in the Old Continent (Marek Russjan, MA)

7. Russia and The New Security Architecture in Europe. The Perspectives of Cooperation with NATO in the Face of New Challenges (Michał Szczygielski, MA)

8. Transatlantic Security Relations in the XXI Century – the European Union Perspective (Kamil Łukasz Mazurek, MA)

Conclusion (Tomasz Pasierbiak, MA)

Download the publication from here

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