Weimar Youth Forum

Project Coordinators: Barbara Marcinkowska, Aleksandra Radziwoń


The Weimar Youth Forum (WYF) is an annual event in which three non-governmental organizations from the Weimar countries participate. The Forum refers to the long and interesting tradition of the Weimar Triangle’s high-level meetings, which were established in order to strengthen the trilateral cooperation between Germany, Poland and France. The idea of rapprochement of these three societies also inspires the organizers of the Weimar Youth Forum, as they meet once a year to debate the main European topics.

Since 2004 and the first Forum in Warsaw, the members of the three associations work together in the Weimar spirit. They share the same objective: to develop public debate about the political, economic and social issues important for Europe. 

France is represented by the Conférence Olivaint, Germany by the Studentenforum im Tonissteiner Kreis, and Poland, though until 2011 represented by the Young Diplomats Center, is now represented by the Centre for International Initiatives.

Speakers invited to attend the Forum include professors and senior lecturers from main Polish, French and German universities, European Commission officials, MEPs and representatives of public administration, as well as the non-governmental sector

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WYF Editions:

  • 2014/2015 – Paris – „Social Europe”
  • 2013 – Bonn – „ Europe’s Energy Future – Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the 21st Century”
  • 2012 – Warsaw – „European Security”
  • 2011 – Paris – „European Democracy – Citizens Involvement in Public Affairs”
  • 2010 – Weimar – “Lost in Demographics? A Young Perspective on the Challenges of Demographic Change”
  • 2005 – Weimar – “The EU Neighbourhood Policy – Fortress Europe’ or Lighthouse for Democracy and Human Rights?”
  • 2004 – Warsaw – Poland, Germany, France – New Perspectives, New Challenges


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