CII Petersberg Series

Project Coordinator: Kamil Mazurek

cII_petersberg 31 03_blue-01CII Petersberg Series (PS) is a project run by the Centre for International Initiatives. Its main goal is to spread information and understanding on the subject of respective civilian and military operations conducted by the European Union, so called Petersberg Missions. These are short, critical in their nature articles meant to give a general overview of a particular operation and to present expected (ongoing operations) or already achieved (finished operations) results. The reason standing behind CII’s decision to launch the project is realization of the existence of certain loophole in the Internet regarding the subject – namely the absence of information on Pestersberg Operations in an intelligible and quasi-journalistic form. CII PS articles are tailored mainly for English-speaking audience who are not experts in the field of UE external actions.

The authors of articles for CII PS are both Polish and foreign specialists dealing with European issues, as well as graduates of studies related to international relations and political sciences. To participate in the project we also invite postgraduate students and doctoral candidates as well as persons who knowledgeable about at least one Petersberg Mission.

Project results:

We have already published 10 articles describing following Petersberg Operations: EUBAM Moldova/Ukraine; EUNAVFOR Somalia; EUMM Georgia; EUSEC DRC; EUCAP Nestor; EUTM Somalia; EUPM; EUPOL Afghanistan; EUTM Mali; Operation Artemis; EULEX Kosovo. Hence, we are waiting for your proposals and applications for other missions.

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