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Katarzyna Czupa
CII Middle East Expert

CII Blog Editor
“Islamic Finance” Project Coordinator



Katarzyna Czupa is CII Middle East Expert and ‘Let’s talk about Islamic finance’ Project Coordinator. She is also Junior Analyst at Analizy Online, where she is responsible for analysis of investment funds market. From April to November 2016 she worked in the position of Junior Analyst at BZ WBK Brokerage, where she dealt with equity pricing models. From January 2014 to April 2016 she worked at CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research as Project Coordinator and Reseach Assistant. She is a PhD candidate at Warsaw School of Economics (Collegium of Socio-Economics). She holds Master’s degree in finance and accounting (Warsaw School of Economics) and international relations (University of Warsaw). In 2013 she was awarded the Ministry of Science and Higher Education scholarship for outstanding academic achievements.

Research interests

  • Gulf States
  • Finance, especially Islamic finance,
  • Economic policy of the Gulf Co-operation Council’s member states
  • Internal and foreign policy of the United Kingdom
  • Development economics

Other publications

  • K. Czupa, Towards a Sustainable Growth – An Analysis of Small and Medium Enterprises’ Performance in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, w: Polish Journal of Political Science (PJPS Vol.2 Issue 2(2014)), Warsaw 2014
  • K. Czupa, Till death do us part, Magazyn NOTABENE no 12 (April/May 2014)
  • K. Czupa, The world without oil, Magazyn NOTABENE no 11 (October/December 2013)
  • K. Czupa, Food Security System of the European Union – Operative Solutions in Terms of Contemporary and Future Challenges w: European security: challenges for the European Union (red. Ł. Smalec) (Warsaw 2013)
  • K. Czupa, Qatar – a New Power or Just a Pawn In the Middle East?, Notabene – portal internetowy (Warsaw 2013)
  • K. Czupa, Can Laziness Resolve a Long-Standing Conflict?, Notabene – portal internetowy (Warsaw 2013)
  • K. Czupa, A Local Measure for Global Hunger, Magazyn NOTABENE no 10 (October/December 2012)
  • K. Czupa, Kolonialna zamiana ról, Magazyn NOTABENE no 9 (May/June 2012)
  • K. Czupa, Quitting Europe: Europeans Escape to a Better World w: Euro Atlantic Quarterly, nr 3-4, (2012)
  • K. Czupa on NOTABENE website
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