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Centre for International Initiatives is open for cooperation with media, other think-tanks and NGOs, as well as academia, research institutes, private and public inistitutions in the field of conducting joint research and events.

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Logo KSSM UJKSSM UJ  – The International Relations Students’ Association of the Jagiellonian University, IRSA (Koło Studentów Stosunków Międzynarodowych Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego – KSSM UJ) is a self-governed and science-oriented student organization within the Institute of Political Science and International Relations. Between 2009-2012, the Association both organized and co-organized over 50 events, including 3 editions of the Diplomatic Festival, research trips, 21 all-Poland and international academic conferences, experts debates and meetings and open lectures. IRSA has been publishing a scholarly periodical Scientific Notebooks of the International Relations Students’ Association of the Jagiellonian University and a magazine ARENA. Foreign Affairs. IRSA accomplishing its goals through regular thematic sections (the African Section; the European Section; the Economic Section; the Section of International Law and Diplomatic Practice; the Strategic Studies Section; the Eastern Section; the UN Project). IRSA is running also various research groups i.a. concerning the Holy See diplomacy. The International Relations Students’ Association’ Research Supervisor – professor Artur Gruszczak.

SFiTK_LogoSTUDENTENFORUM IM TONISSTEINER KREIS E.V.  The Tönissteiner Kreis is a German association of scientific, economic and politic leaders with foreign experience. Independent and interdisciplinary network, the objective of the Kreis is to develop the German international cooperation. A large network in the civil society sustains its action.

Logo COThe Conference Olivaint is a political association independent from parties, the eldest student association in France. Since its foundation in 1875, it has been a centre for debate, proposing to the students a complementary formation in public affairs, political topics and the art of public speaking. Conference Olivaint is a strategic partner of Centre for International Initiatives in realization of Weimar Youth Forum 2012 project.

NOTABENE is an international affairs review, created by University of Warsaw students. It is designed to promote global issues among young people and thus increase their awareness. Our main object is to encourage them to journalism by giving the chance to test their abilities in own editing. NOTABENE consists of two components: website and magazine. First one, deals with up to speed comments on the most important world questions. Thanks to incessant following and immediate analyzes, it provides fresh view on international issues and simplify their understanding. The second part, that comes out quarterly, renders long-term scrutiny. Our editors examine the most significant tendencies, pinpoint the future challenges and try to find answers to contemporary problems. We are one of the most dynamic students organizations. Month after month, the editing team gains another members. Furthermore, our articles are currently read by most of polish universities.

Portal Spraw Zagranicznych (Foreign Affairs Portal) was established in April 2003 by Filip Topolewski. Its aim is to provide information about international affairs and facilitate exchange of views and ideas. The website was first published on 12 December 2003. The team was initially composed of 5 people from Warsaw and Wroclaw. Designed as an information service and the international affairs database, the portal has been attracting the surfers from the very beginning.

logo asfAcademic Security Forum is an independent, nonpartisan platform which is focused on security and defense issues affecting Central and Eastern Europe. Aim of the ASF is connecting young professionals in the security and defense studies, which are interested in contributing to an international public debate. The platform is open for a people with various background from academia, military, nongovernmental and governmental organizations. The ASF provide opportunity to present opinions on political, military, economic and social trends which are significantly affecting our region. We believe that the ASF platform will become a place of exchange of young generation views and creation of new ideas. The given opportunity will improve mutual understanding between nations, further enhancing security in our states.

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