Who are we?


Centre for International Initiatives is an independent, apolitical think-tank with a focus on contemporary international relations. Its main aim is to raise awareness towards international affairs, to shape the public debate about the issues important for the foreign policy-making and to actively contribute to the growth of a civil society, on both national and European level.  The Centre is registered in Poland as an association, under the Law on Associations.

Activities of the Centre for International Initiatives


The mission of the Centre for International Initiatives is to raise awareness towards international issues, as well as to stimulate the growth of both the Polish and global civil society. We would like to claim our share in shaping public debate on the most pressing problems of our times. We want to create an environment conducive to mutual understanding, share of experience, skills and ideas. We want to constitute a networking platform for people who are open-minded and striving for their development in interaction with the world. Our reference is the changing international landscape while our base is a wide and deeply-rooted European and Polish cultural heritage. At the same time, our initiative bears no ideological nor political allegiance.


The Association was funded in 2010 by young experts, students and alumni, of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the University of Warsaw. It gathers people who have the expertise in international relations, of both theoretical and empirical character, and who encounter international issues on every day basis, e.g. academics, practitioners from the NGO sector and employees of the public service, Polish and European think-tanks and transational corporations.

See more: CII Members.

cim_eksperciThe CII Experts aim at professionalisation and advancement of the debate on International Relations in Poland. The team consists of specialists with a professional experience in diplomacy, international organisations, public service, Polish and European think-tanks and transational corporations. They conduct research in their areas of expertise and consequently present its results during seminars and conferences, both national and international, as well as in academic publications.

See more: CII Experts.

projektyThe activity of the think-tank Centre for International Initiatives is primarily based on conducting projects aimed at gathering, deepening and disseminating knowledge on international relations, such as conferences, debates and seminars, very often run in cooperation with partner institutions. Results of the research projects are presented during public events and in the form of publications freely available online.

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na stron?In order to actively participate in the public debate on international relations, the Centre for International Initiatives publishes articles, analyses and reports about the current developments in the international arena, as well as about the Polish foreign policy.  The have the form of Books, the quarterly CII Analyses Bulletin, a series of short analytical texts – CIM Advanced Studies, and the commentaries on the CII Blog. The publications present work of both CII experts and invited external authors.

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international-cooperation-bCentre for International Initiatives is open for cooperation with the media and organisations with similar profile of activity, i.e. in the area of joint research projects, conferences or other evens. Currently we are working closely with several NGOs from both Poland and Europe, e.g. Conférence Olivaint (France) and Studentenforum im Tonissteiner Kreis (Germany). We are also involved in cooperation with student societies at the main universities in Poland.

See more: Partners.

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