Centre for International Initiatives (CII) is proud to announce a possibility to publish academic articles in the incoming, 12th issue of journal “CII Analyses Bulletin. All young researchers, graduates of social science studies, as well as MA students and PhD candidates, are invited to submit their proposals to our e-mail address: by February 28 2018.

The main theme of “CII Analyses Bulletin” are broadly defined international relations as well as internal affairs of countries other than Poland. Relations between countries, international security, diplomacy, parliamentary and presidential elections, and economy – are only exemplary subjects of papers we are interested in.

Properly submitted proposal incudes:

  • An abstract either in Polish or English (between 800 – 1000 characters) including subject of the article and its main outcomes (hypotheses, arguments, etc.)
  • A short bio of the author (in the same language as abstract)
  • 1-2 papers or links to the papers available online already published by the author (either in Polish or English). They should  comply with the main theme of the CII Bulletin (this requirement does not apply to people who already published in CII Bulletin.


Abstracts and articles can be sent either in Polish or English. Both should be saved in doc/docx format according to the template:

Abstracts: Abstract_Name_Lastname_title

Articles: Name_Lastname_title

Editorial hints and standards are available on CII’s website.

The 12th  issue of “CII Analyses Bulletin” is to be published in May 2018.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at