CII Analyses Bulletin no 9


biuletyn 9

Dear Readers,
We are happy to present the newest issue of our quarterly Center for International Initiatives Analyses Bulletin.

Traditionally, Russia appears to be the most popular topic, with two texts showcased on following pages. The first one analyses the 25th anniversary of relations between Germany and Russia, whereas the other – the impact of Russian foreign policy on the Central and Eastern Europe. Staying in the region, we encourage you to read the critical analysis of the role of the European Union in resolving the “frozen conflict” in Transnistria.

Certainly, we could not miss the non-European topics. In the Bulletin you can find the texts in which the authors analysed, inter alia, the current political situation in Venezuela, the dispute over Kashmir between Pakistan and India, regional institutions of maintaining peace and securtiy in Africa, as well as migration policies in Australia.

As always, I encourage you to thoroughly read the Analyses Bulletin. I hope that by ensuring a thematic and lingustic diversity, we are able to contribute to explaining and interpreting the complex international reality in which we live.

Marta Makowska
CII Analyses Bulletin

CII Analyses Bulletin no 9 (February 2017)