World in Focus. Warsaw International Gathering


The CII/ CIM has a pleasure to invite you, together with the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, to participate in the first edition of the event World in Focus. Warsaw International Gathering (POLIN Museum in Warsaw, 3rd-4th June 2016).


Where is the world heading and what kind of future awaits Europe? How are today’s uncertainties affecting Poland and how will we deal with them? The World in Focus is an invitation to engage in meetings and discussions on international issues. Discussions, films and workshops will allow us to study contemporary challenges from various perspectives. We will discuss Russian propaganda and what the conflicts of the future could look like, how the elections in the USA will affect its foreign policy and whether “Islamistan” could emerge on European soil. We will also meet with reporters and refugees living in Poland. Concluding the event, we will seek an answer to the question of how Poland should act in Europe and beyond in these turbulent times full of multi-faceted challenges.The guest list of World in Focus includes: leading European thinker Ivan Krastev, renowned commentator of “Le Monde” Sylvie Kauffmann, author of best selling essays Mark Leonard, as well as Judy Dempsey, who has writ-ten the biography of Angela Merkel and has been a contributor to the “New York Times” for numerous years.

The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Poland, Adam Bodnar, has granted his patronage to the event and both current and former Commissioners will discuss the value of civil rights in our region in the light of current challenges.

The World in Focus is for all those who share our fascination with the world and concerns about its future.

We kindly ask that you register for the event in advance.

Further information, including profiles of our guests and a range of educational and informational content, is available at:


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Partners and patrons

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